Friday, November 14, 2008

First Post

Welcome to the Medicine Man of Norwood blog!

This is an appropriately titled blog in that I live in Norwood, OH and I'm a medicine man of sorts - a pediatrician completing my training at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.

I moved to Norwood in June of 2006 and have come to love Norwood and it's people. I've been heavily active in volunteer groups in the region such as Give Back Cincinnati and Cincinnati Kiwanis, but when my friend Virginia Patterson (of Norwood) told me of a a grand discovery I was sold on the Norwood Young Professional's organization, and have been all the rage since!

After never having a blog (or one that I really cared for), this will be my initial post on my infant blog. Maybe it will grow some day, maybe not... I cannot promise how often or if ever this blog will be updated. The creation of this blog and subsequent post has been influenced by the Citizens for a Better Norwood blog and so that I could feel secure in posting a reply to the latest post about the housing strategy of Norwood.

Thanks for reading,


1 comment:

Kate The Great said...

Hello Alex!

Way to go on creating your own blog!

I think Norwood is pretty great - one of my best friends lives on Ashland - beautiful homes and charming neighbors.

See you around the blogosphere :)