Monday, November 17, 2008

Bring Your XO to School or Work Day

Today, Nov 17th 2008, was dimed “Bring Your XO to School or Work Day” by the One Laptop Per Child initiative, and I did just that.

The Downtown Cincinnati Kiwanis club had its regularly scheduled lunch/invited guest speaker meeting at the Banker’s Club today. Our guest speakers were fellow Kiwanian Bill Burwinkel and Kathy from the Adopt A Class program, focusing on local businesses and community groups to adopt a classroom of children to be their mentors and supporters as positive role models and to help these children develop practical and social skills.

Before our speakers began I was able to bring my XO (purchased last year during their buy one for a child, buy one for you campaign) for show and tell to Kiwanis group. The XO initially billed to be the $100 laptop is a small, light weight, nearly indestructible laptop running a Linux based operating system that works great in classroom setting for educating, sharing ideas, and exploring the internet in third world counties. While the XO isn’t a robust computer designed to be an everyday computer for most Americans, I think it has a great role as a tool for educating those in classrooms which lack resources such as books and paper. Watch the video from to learn more about the One Laptop Per Child philosophy.


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