Sunday, November 16, 2008


Today I had the hardest 4:13 minutes of my life when I decided that it would be a good idea to a run a 0.47 mile race, all up hill, in 35 degree weather, after work a 10 hr ED shift at Children's. The Cincinnati Hill Climb Series is a set of 4 races starting at the lower ends of 4 major street paved hills in Cincinnati and ending at their crust.

Per the Hill Climb Series's web site: "...the most he most grueling sub-mile runs on the planet, returns to Cincinnati’s racing calendar on Sunday Nov. 2. Begun over 30 years ago by the Clifton Track Club, the oxygen-depleting sprints up the city’s steepest inclines are back for 2008."

Further it goes on to say that the climb series is "two minutes of self-inflicted torture." How true, how true, how true.

During my first 30 seconds of the climb I was feeling well. Not winded, no lactic acid pain in my thighs, but soon after and for the rest of the run that's all I felt. Even after a good solid 5 hr nap my lungs are still on fire!

We'll see how the Straight St. run on the 23rd goes!


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