Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Random Chance Encounter Meeting of the Blue Ball Girl

Yesterday, on 1/20/2009, I skipped my lunch work meeting (along with all the rest of my program) to watch the Inaugural event, and then later that evening attended the "Blue Ball" event at Northside Tavern that was in support for our new president.

Even though I didn't vote for him, it was a fun time seeing people I had neglected seeing in such a long time, and I actually ran into a women whom I had e-mailed off her blog about a year back. She thought my story (a super wonderful resident seeking an outside life and searching for a dance partner) sounded familiar. Plus she thought I also looked familiar to her.

Hmm... now here's where it starts to get interesting. I tried searching for her e-mail address in gmail here but came up short. :-( I did find the post that I commented on. So, at least I know she's not a compete stalker. :-) Turns out she works at Children's as well in the communications/publications/PR department.... Hmm.... stalker she may be....

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