Friday, January 2, 2009

I ran across a bunch of facebook "25 things about me" lists and decided to respond to Redcat's post and here.

1. I LOVE the the city of Pittsburgh, the Pittsburgh International Airport, and Primanti Brothers sandwiches (also from Pittsburgh).
2. I have no tattoos or piercings.
3. I've been to North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.
4. I used deep fry a turkey every year while in medical school and still have a turkey deep fryer... somewhere...
5. Sushi is in my top three all time favorite types of food.
6. My cat, Midnight, is a pretty good pen pal to have, and often writes about me, behind my back.
7. My first cassette tape growing up was of NKTB.
8. I tracked town my best friend of grade school last year, after being out of contact for 15+ years.
9. I once did a 40 mile adventure/orienteering race complete with trail running, mt. biking, and canoeing.
10. Wild animals eat the veggies in my garden faster then I can pluck them.
11. I have bed room in my house that I call the "Peanut butter room" and another called "the Pink room."
12. I consider "cooking" to be combining 2 or more ingredients together.
13. I've played an extra in a movie - naked.
14. I've run up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum and topped out just like how Rokcy did!
15. I'm a tea drinker over coffee and a hot coco drinker over both of them.
16. I read comics on the toliet.
17. I've shot several hand guns and a shot gun.
18. The 4th of July is one my favorite holidays - Fireworks, hot dogs, and great music.
19. I used to play video games all druing finals week in college.
20. I'm addicted to LOST and Hereo's.
21. I just discovered Podcasts and Google Reader this past year.
22. I hope to complete a mini triathlon one of these years.
23. I don't like the bubbles in beer, pop, or soda.
24. Sausage is my favorite pizza topping.
25. I've lived in IN, PA, OH, and MN.

Thanks for reading,



Senator Beth said...

I have to know...what movie did you play a naked extra in?!

Alex said...

It was the Redsin Tower.