Monday, November 9, 2009

Run Like the Devil is Chasing

Cincinnati Bell sure knows how put on a great party for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation!  The Run Like Hell is half 5K run through Walnut Hills Cemetery and half celebration for Halloween -  filled with costume contests, live music, and a Cincinnati favorite: Goetta.   I've ranked the RLH #1 for fun runs for years!  a close second is the Reggae Run.

All that running, eating, and sweating paid off!  This year, marked my 3rd year running.  While not having lived in the area for the past 3 months, I packed up my Bam Bam costume, complete with bone club and running shoes and flew back home to Cincinnati.  It was also a special year, in that Binkle and her husband few out from Washington, DC to meet me for the run and celebration.

Costumes very from the fashionable "sexy nurse" to completely homemade to last minute throw togethers.      While the RLH will never compare in scale to the New York City Marathon, and their best 25 costumes, it still holds a very special place in my heart.

So what were our results?
With a time of: 32:16.00
For a pace of: 10:34/mile

Binkle's overall in the female category: Better them mine! at 166th
Time: 33:30:00.
Pace of: 10.58/mile.

Cincinnati isn't the only city that schedules fun runs around Halloween.  Seattle held it's 14th Annual Pumpkin Push, a "one-of-a-kind run" for the support of healthcare for Seattle's homeless.  Sadly, I didn't pick up my complimentary pumpkin post race. :-(

Even the city of Salem, MA has it's own 6.66 mile race to embrace the holiday spirit!

The crowd at the RLH!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex

P.S. Binkle was the first to inform me about her MovNat experience which lead to my MovNat training.  

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