Monday, November 30, 2009

How I Love My Food....

All Cincinatians should come to know and love the gals from Cooking with Catlin!  I started my obsesion with CwC on a Tuesday lunch break from CCHMC when I ventured down to Fountain Square's "Market on the Square" (#2) event.  The taste and uniqueness of CwC's burgers and recipes kept me coming back almost every week that summer:

One time, out on the Square.

How many times I you find Dr. Alex eating a burger on a Tuesday in the summer?

Then I found the wonders of Cooking with Catlin's Third Thursday events!  

My first Third Thursday event!  (Yes, the blond is famous - Valerie is a weather woman!)

Third Thursday is also great for first date nights! Those Waffle Sandwiches rocked!

It's OK to get dressed up and come out and eat with Dr. Seuss and Co.

If you're luck you can also get your picture taken with Katie - Catlin's mom!

You can even go by yourself and have a great time!

After such fond memories over these past two years, I realized I was missing CwC's flavor and style of food. So, last night Maria and I tried out three of CwC's recipes:

Starting off, Maria did a great job and made her own pizza dough from scratch!

After rolling out the pizza dough, a light glaze of olive oil was added.  Then two oblong tomatoes were cut into thin slices and placed around the middle of the pizza.  

Toppings of Italian seasoning, garlic powder, Parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinegar were added.
Careful with that balsamic vinegar, Dr. Alex, it flows very quickly! 

The sides were delicately folded into a ring/bowl pattern and the pizza was baked for ~15 min.

Cut and sever.  Makes 8 servings.

Next course:

Apparently scallops are in season this time of year.  Who knew?

You can never use "too much" butter when pan frying scallops.  Next time, I'll choose to follow CwC's advise and cut the scallops in half.  I think they'll cook more evenly that way.

Two to three minutes on each side is all it takes to whiten the edges and leaving the middle slightly undercooked.

Just add the Tarragon Dijon mustard mix on top each scallop and they are ready to serve!



Almond Butter is hard to find!  Listen to CwC!

Be careful not to burn the toast.  Longer then 3 minutes in the broiler and you'll asking for trouble.  Always make sure you have an egg timer handy.

She likes it!

The two great cooks!

Thanks for reading,

Dr. Alex

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Kelly Trush said...

Are you even kidding me?!? What is my great fortune to wake up to a posting from our friend Alex?!


Thank you, thank you for such a generous and super love note to your food. What an honor it is to have been included. I'm tickled to see all the pictures, and the meal that you made -- I'm impressed.

Really, thanks for including us. This is so fun. You and Maria look awesome.

Now I know I can check in with you here. This is great news. :)