Thursday, July 2, 2009

RE: New Kid on the Block

In response to Courtney in the Queen City's (note: may have limited access) post on Monday, June 28th, 2009, entiled New Kid on the Block, Courtney comments in her blog about moving to Cincinnati and finding herself "adapted to life in Cincinnati," and how "in 10 short months, [she knows] some of the people and places in the West side of Cincinnati better than people who have lived here all their lives."

Courtney then goes on to share her suggestions that "could work for anyone in any city!"

My feelings has been, and still is after three years, that Cincinnati is a tough city to break into if you're not from around here. I too have adopted and used similar ideas to learn my city, to get to know people, and to find events around the city.

Go to church: When I first moved to Cincinnati in June of 2006, I started church hopping on my own, starting off with Crossroads, and then my friend Jackie (#2) introduced me to The Bellarmine and St. Monica/St. George later in my first few months here. In 2007, I found my friend Erica and went with her and her brother to Guardian Angle's Church. Finally, I've attended St. Gertrudes and Holy Trinity Church in 2008. Through these adventures I've found several different 20's/30's groups that have been great way to make new friends and become back involved with ultimate Frisbee, faith sharing, and even a road trip to WV for white water rafting on the New River.

Volunteer: Since moving to Cincinnati, I've joined Give Back Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Kiwanis Club, Norwood Young Professionals, and helped out at a variety of other local agencies. All of which have really helped to make me feel like a part of the community and have allowed me to meet young and active people living in Cincinnati.

Get out and do things in your neighborhood!: My neighbors Wayne, Aubry, and Jamie are fantastic people and I talk with them whenever they are out in their yard! I frequent the local burger joint, the Quatman Cafe quite often, and more so then I really should. Through the NYP, we are sponsoring a plot in a community garden and I participated in The Norwood Spring Clean: Beautify Your Block 2009 event. I've attend local church festivals during the summer and love to run around my block, to the Norwood library branch, to Yagoot, or the Urban Active in Norwood/HP. I feel as though I know Norwood pretty well - almost like the back of my hand. :-)

Join a social organization: How about joining The Greater Cincinnati Penn State Alumni Association, The Fort Thomas Corvette Club, or joining and explore your interests in hiking, Spanish or French conversations, a singles group, or a dinning out group (#2) that enjoys new restaurants.

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook: I don't think I'll ever get tired of Facebook. I am glad that there are a lot less quizzes and random games to waste time playing. Staying connected via "What's on your mind?," photos, and responses to people's comments, actions, and uploaded photos has helped me broaden my interests and find new connections with strangers and old friends alike.

Thanks for all the great advice Courtney! I'm sure I'll take it to heart and put it to good use when I head off to Seattle in a few weeks.

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Court said...

Love this post! When it comes to putting yourself out there, you're a social butterfly. You'll do fine in Seattle!

liz said...

great post alex. cincinnati will miss you!