Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Going Away Party

Major thanks and shout out to Eric for planning a great farewell party for me and around 40+ guests last week at O'Bryan's Irish Pub!

It's been one week since I left my fare cities of Norwood and Cincinnati and it's only fair to pony up on the total for Eric's bet "on how many dates Alex will have his first week out there... The over/under is 32. ;-)"

Sadly for all those who voted the OVER the grand total is a big fat goose egg (meaning zero).

Thanks again, EVERYONE, who made it out to send me off. I hope everyone had a great time meeting new people and thanks for playing along with the name tags and Eric's ridiculous Over/Under bet. :-)

Enjoy the selection of photos:

A group of us at the O'Byran's Irish Pub

Eric, the main party planner himself

Cristina and I in a great pose.

More of the group.

Phil and I

Michelle and I

Cristina, Patty, ME, Lindsey, and Casey!

Jessie, Steve Miller (not the band) and I

Patty and I - don't we look great with our name tags?

Who's not wearing their name tags?

Oliver, Tricia, and I

Shannon, Andy, and I

Where are all these girls coming from?!?!?

Lyndsay, Kathy, and I, sitting outside on the deck.

See more photos via the Evite for the event.

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