Thursday, March 12, 2009

I LOVE mail!

Yesterday, I received a very interesting letter in the mail. As usual, my mail was addressed to me, but this particular inspirational note was also written in my handwriting. Hmm…. Curiously, I opened it, thinking at first I had made the mistake of switching the recipient and sender address locations. However, to my surprise, this letter was indeed intended to come to me.

Entitled as Two Thousand Nine, and starting off as Dear Alex, I resolve to …

I remember that Kate Harrington had invited me to her New Year’s Eve Party, and one of the many events during the night was to write oneself a memorandum of what resolutions one was to keep to one’s self.

The rest of my letter was as follows:

  1. Make many new recipes from my cook books
  2. Find a job that makes me happy
  3. Learn to play the ukulele better
  4. Help my avocado tree grow
  5. Dust around the house
  6. Plant a new type of veggie

Live, Laugh, Love,


Thanks for reading,


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