Monday, September 21, 2009

Next Leaders Summit

I've only recently discovered City Talk Radio within the past few months, a talk show focusing on local issues in the Cincinnati area. 

Last week, Michael Sweeney and Tom Hodges talked with Clara Rice, Rusdyn Lindsey, and Julie Bernzott, about the Next Leaders Summit, held Sept 17th-19th, 2009 in downtown Cincinnati.

To paraphrase form the NLS website:
The Next Leaders Summit was designed to focus and highlight on how far the YP movement has come.  The YP movement is one that focuses the energy and minds of YPs on showing up, reaching out, and digging in to build better places to live and work.  As a testament to the YP strength, there are more then 300 Young Professionals Organizations, representing nearly one million YPs in our cities and companies across the US.

Click to listen the Sept 13th show and hear the Medicine Man's comments, near the end of the show.

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